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Water in Architecture is a lively, two-day immersion in the history of water within the human environment focused on understanding the subject useful to those in the watershape industry. See how water shaped the aesthetic and breathed life into structures. The course will span the globe from ancient civilizations to the present day and include predictions for the future.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the importance of water in the built environment.
  • Describe how water shaped civilization, the birth and growth of cities, and its influence on architecture throughout history.
  • List several important water related projects you should know about as an architect or landscape architect.
  • Describe design lessons inherited from these historical places and projects and what it might predict for our future in the watershaping world.


  • Duration: 12 hours
  • IACET CEUs: 1.2
  • All students who complete the course and evaluation form receive a Certificate of Completion documenting 1.2 IACET CEUs even if they do not continue with the Certified Watershape Designer (CWD) certification.


There is one option:

Live In-Person

  • See schedule for upcoming classes
  • A typical course runs 8-hours on the first day and 4-hours on the second day (12 hours)
  • Complete attendance is required
  • Ask questions as they come up
  • Manual is provided in class
  • Instructors are available for questions during the lectures
  • Travel, lodging and meals are the responsibility of the student
  • Watershape University provides lunch


Check back soon — our schedule may update at any time.

Live In-Person

  • Typically $1200 although other fees may apply
  • Not currently scheduled


Watershape University’s DESIGN 2321: Essential History of Water in Architecture Workshop provides a historical linkage of both natural and man-made watershapes from ancient Greek and Roman eras to contemporary projects such as the 911 Memorial Fountains.

DESIGN 2321: Essential History of Water in Architecture Workshop supports the following certifications:

International Watershape Institute (IWI)
International Watershape Institute (IWI)
Certified Watershape Professional (CWP)
Certified Watershape Professional (CWP)
Certified Watershape Designer (CWD)
Certified Watershape Designer (CWD)

Licensing and CEUs

The Certified Watershape Designer (CWD) certification may be used for contractor licensing and required continuing education in certain jurisdictions. The CWD certification builds upon the CWF certification; therefore, all Certified Watershape Designers (CWDs) are also CWFs which support licensing in the following jurisdictions:


DESIGN 2311: Essential Architectural Styles Workshop is intended for and attended by designers, builders, installers, consultants, contractors, and subcontractors — particularly those looking to coordinate their designs with the architecture and landscape architecture of the surrounding project.

Level: 2 – Sophomore / Novice / Limited Experience

There are no prerequisites for DESIGN 2321: Essential History of Water in Architecture Workshop

Manual Table of Contents

  • A History of Water in Architecture
  • Principles of Water
    • Physical
    • Sensory
    • Emotional
    • Cultural
  • Imitation of the Hydrological Cycle of Nature
  • The “Myth” of Water
  • Classification by Sensual/Perceptual Effect
  • The Importance of Water in the Built Environment
  • Significant Watershapes in History
  • Design Lessons from the Significant Watershapes in History
  • Contemporary Uses of Water in Architecture 20-21st Century
  • ReWilding
  • Design Principles
    • Animate the Landscape Using the Movement of Water
    • Create Distinct Features with Different Sensibilities
    • Manipulate the Water Itself
    • Control the Movement of Water to Produce an Effect
    • Allude to Water in Forms and Surface Textures
    • Place Water Where it Will Reflect Light
    • Use Water to Double the Surroundings
    • Manipulate the Microclimate
  • Organizing Principles of Contemporary Design – How to Integrate Landscape with the Building Architecture
DESIGN 2321: Essential History of Water in Architecture Workshop

Authorized Faculty

Don F. Gatzke, FAIA

Don F. Gatzke, FAIA

Donald Gatzke is an architect and educator with 40 years in the profession. In addition to practicing in Seattle, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas, he has been a member of the architecture faculty at Tuskegee University, Tulane University and the University of Texas at Arlington. From 1997 to 2004 he was Dean of Architecture at Tulane University and served as Dean of the School of Architecture at UT Arlington from 2004-2014. He retired from the UTA faculty at the end of 2019 but continues to practice architecture and pursue multiple academic projects including as a faculty member of Watershape University. Mostly he’s trying to learn how to play the guitar. In 2014 he was honored by the Texas Society of Architects as the recipient of the Edward Romieniec Award for “extraordinary contributions to the profession through visionary leadership of architectural education”. In 2018, he was made a member of the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects. He resides in Arlington Texas with his wife Diane.