Watershape University
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PSP/Deck Expo 2024
Essential Classes (supports specific certifications)
CONSTRUCTION 2111: Essential Pool Construction
CONSTRUCTION 3611: Essential Plaster Workshop
DESIGN 1111: Essential Perspective Drawing Workshop
DESIGN 2611: Essential Color Theory, Materials & Textures Workshop
DESIGN 2211: Essential Principles of Design Workshop
Elective Classes (supports general CEU requirements)
CONSTRUCTION 4113: Advanced Watershape Construction – Commercial
CONSTRUCTION 2240: Pool Shotcrete Inspection and Quality Application
CONSTRUCTION 2241: Quality Shotcrete Placement for Pools — Know it, Demand it
CONSTRUCTION 2252: Concrete Defect Identification and Prevention
CONSTRUCTION 3923: Removal and Replacement of a Defective Rooftop Pool
CONSTRUCTION 4311: Advanced Fluid Engineering Workshop
DESIGN 2511: Add Revenue from Water and Wellness: Current Trends and Strategies
DESIGN 4511: Beyond the Vessel — Outdoor Living & Landscape
DESIGN 4551: The Pool House — an Indispensable Guide
SERVICE 1211: Basic Water Chemistry
BUSINESS 1121: Operating Philosophies & Policies
BUSINESS 1451: An Introduction to Finance and Estimating
BUSINESS 3461: Dollars and Sense — Understanding and Managing Business Finance
ENGINEERING 2731: Structural Repairs of Existing Pools
ENGINEERING 2956: Pool Shell Failures with ASR — Forensic Evaluations
WU D4111: Design and Client Collaborations: From Good to Gorgeous with David Tisherman and Justin Quinn
Essential Classes (supports specific certifications)
Elective Classes (supports general CEU requirements)
WU D2311: Essential Architectural Styles Workshop
Essential Classes (supports specific certifications)
Elective Classes (supports general CEU requirements)