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wa ter shape

ˈwȯ tər ˈshāp

1. A structure that uses water in an artistic way.
2. Water as art in the form of a pool, spa, fountain, natural stream, lake, etc.

– wa ter shap er

1. One who designs watershapes, especially professionals educated in the relevant arts and sciences.

– wa ter shap ing

1. The art, act or practice of watershape design.

Welcome to Watershape University


Our Focus
  • Pools
  • Spas
  • Waterfeatures
  • Aquatics
  • Outdoor Living
Our Students

Everyone in the industry will benefit from WU education and certification: architects, landscape architects, designers, engineers, builders, installers, consultants, contractors, subcontractors, service and maintenance professionals, manufacturers, and distributors.

Our Platforms
  • Online, On-Demand classes
  • Live Online classes
  • Live In-Person classes
  • WaterShapes Magazine
Our Content

We deliver the industry’s most comprehensive educational system. We have 180 programs, growing continuously to serve the industry’s unique needs, addressing new technology, and assisting our corporate engagement team with product-specific training. More. . .

Our digital magazine at WaterShapes.com, founded in 1998, is the definitive resource for professionals and consumers who make water and outdoor living part of their lives. More. . .

Our Certifications

Like our extensive educational offerings, we offer several certifications targeting specific careers and trades within our complex and multi-layered industry.

Ultimately, students seek to become members of the International Watershape Institute (IWI) – where leadership lives. More. . .

Our Faculty

Our team is comprised of the industry’s most trusted, experienced and respected professionals in the industry.

Our Culture

Every university has its own culture and Watershape University is no exception. WU even has a Dean of Culture (Michael Nantz, IWI) to provide leadership as it relates to our culture of highly supportive, intelligent teammates that seek to improve the industry by sharing their knowledge and helping others grow and succeed.

The traits that define our culture are the same that define a pack of wolves. So, our mascot is the wolfpack – welcome to the ‘pack!


Team Overview

The quality of Watershape University programs is due to the tireless support of our incredible team, including the staff, faculty, education board, leadership and culture specialists. We appreciate all that they do. For more information please click on the teammates in the following rosters. . .

Leadership Team

Just getting started?

Most students begin with our 3-day pool construction course.

Online On-Demand

Watershape University’s Certified Watershape Foreman (CWF) certification is recognized by the following jurisdictions for continuing education and licensing purposes:

Core Class Refresh

Would you like free access to our core online classes, including our 3-day Essential Pool Construction, 2-day Essential Fluid Engineering Workshop (with the latest worksheets!), Color Theory, Principles of Design, and others?

Watershape University provides free access to individuals that have already completed equivalent courses with other institutions. We recognize that our students often want to refresh their knowledge in specific subjects but it doesn’t make sense to repeat a paid class when there are so many other new opportunities to expand knowledge through advanced classes, our webinars, our magazine, etc.

Our Core Class Refresh program is available to authorized employees of Certified Watershape Companies (CWC). To get authorized, simply upload your complete transcript(s) from other institutions so that we can verify which courses you are eligible for. You may upload transcripts through the Portal. Please contact Charlie with any questions.