Watershape University
Birmingham Alabama

Master Pools Guild Spring Meeting 2023

The Master Pools Guild Spring Meeting will be held in Birmingham, Alabama – March 20-21, 2023 with two days of pre-conference education and opportunities to catch up with manufacturers and Watershape University at the tabletops. Registration for both classes are managed through this site.

Essential Classes (supports specific certifications)

DESIGN 4211: Advanced Elements and Principles of Design Workshop
CONSTRUCTION 2711: Essential Major Renovations Workshop

Elective Classes (supports general CEU requirements)

MPG members have access to other educational opportunities during the event.


Program Summaries

Most WU students have taken the basic Elements and Principles of Design courses and should have a solid grasp on the fundamental building blocks necessary to create good design projects. But, what happens next? What is needed to take the next steps toward becoming an exceptional designer and creating masterful Watershape and Outdoor Living spaces that connect on an emotional and visceral level? What are the Advanced Design Principles that guide Master-Level Watershape Designers to take the canvas of client, house, and site; then transform their design space into an artistic expression?

We will examine these advanced principles — from historic origins to modern interpretations — as we blend design theory with emotional psychology and practical application with real-world design examples from Modern-day Masters. We will examine the extremely important WHY a space connects with its viewer, WHAT natural elements provide to a design, WHERE to successfully incorporate the advanced feature details studied in WU courses, WHEN the design is complete, HOW to develop Design Discipline Habits to improve your skills, and — most importantly — WHO can become a Master Designer — anyone with a critical eye and inquisitive mind!

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover the Intermediate Design Principles (Integration / Illusion / Authenticity / Engagement)
  • Recognize Classical design techniques from artistic masters throughout historical periods (Golden Rule / etc.
  • Understand the Gestalt Principles of Design (Proximity / Closure / Similarity / Continuity / Perception / Organization / Symmetry)
  • Develop Practical Design Discipline Habits to improve your design skill set.


International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)

Duration: 16 hours


All students who complete the course and evaluation form receive a Certificate of Completion documenting 1.6 IACET CEUs.


Live In-Person

  • Complete attendance is required
  • Ask questions as they come up
  • Handout is provided in class
  • Instructor is available for questions during the lectures
  • Travel, lodging and meals are the responsibility of the student
  • Lunches are provided both days

Authorized Faculty

Jason B. Brownlee, IWI

Founder, President & Lead Designer — J. Brownlee Design

In the field of watershape, pool, and outdoor living design, Jason has become one of the few industry leaders to receive the prestigious “masters” level recognition. He is the founder, President, and lead designer at J.Brownlee Design, and co-founder of Elevate Events — where he teaches design, construction, engineering, sales, and business development to aspiring industry leaders across the country.

Jason has a passion for design that is evident in each of his unique outdoor living creations. He travels nationally to collaborate with both homeowners and pool professionals on unique project opportunities. “My goal in every design is to enrich the lifestyle of our clients, to extend the living environment of their home into the outdoor spaces, and to enhance the natural characteristics of the site. Where these three things converge is the heart of a great design.”

Jason partners with homeowners and pool contractors to bring his designs to life, resulting in numerous national award-winning projects and magazine covers. He resides in the Nashville, Tennessee area with his wife, Jennifer and their four children — Morgan (21), Blake (18), Alexa (15), and Taylor (8). He enjoys photography, travel, architecture, cycling, watersports, spending time outdoors, and can often be found cheering for his daughters at endless volleyball tournaments across the southeast.

As existing pools age and ownership turns over to a new generation, major renovations have become a larger and larger part of the watershape construction market. This in-depth, two-day major renovation design course is formatted with a series of targeted lectures supporting an interactive renovation design project.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore the scope and nuances of major renovation projects.
  • Review images that will inspire design and illustrate key concepts.
  • Develop a complete renovation project from site analysis, troubleshooting existing problems and failures, through first-draft design.
  • Describe the scope of work, design, material selection, structural engineering, mechanical systems, construction considerations and project management.


  • Duration: 16 hours
  • IACET CEUs: 1.6
  • All students who complete the course and evaluation form receive a Certificate of Completion documenting 1.6 IACET CEUs even if they do not continue with the Certified Watershape Renovator (CWR) certification.
IACET Accredited Provider


There is one option:

Live In-Person

  • See schedule for upcoming classes
  • A typical course runs 8-hours per day spanning 2-consecutive days (16 hours)
  • Complete attendance is required
  • Ask questions as they come up
  • Manual is provided in class
  • Instructors are available for questions during the lectures
  • Travel, lodging and meals are the responsibility of the student
  • Watershape University provides lunch for both days
  • $1,400


Watershape University’s CONSTRUCTION 2711: Essential Major Renovations Workshop instructs builders on modifying pools, spas and waterfeatures beyond their original design concept. These renovations are not simply new coping, tile and interior finishes – they include major structural and fluid mechanics changes such as adding spas, vanishing edges and slot-edges. CONSTRUCTION 2711: Essential Major Renovations Workshop supports the following certifications.
Certified Watershape Renovator (CWR)
Certified Watershape Renovator (CWR)

Licensing and CEUs

The Certified Watershape Renovator (CWR) certification may be used for contractor licensing and required continuing education in certain jurisdictions. The CWR certification builds upon the CWF certification; therefore, all Certified Watershape Renovators (CWRs) are also CWFs which support licensing in the following jurisdictions:


CONSTRUCTION 2711: Essential Major Renovations Workshop is intended for and attended by architects, landscape architects, designers, builders, installers, consultants, contractors, subcontractors, and service and maintenance professionals — particularly those looking to expand their service business into renovations and new construction.

Level: 2 – Sophomore / Novice / Limited Experience

There are no prerequisites for CONSTRUCTION 2711: Essential Major Renovations Workshop, although CONSTRUCTION 2111: Essential Pool Construction is required for CWR certification and strongly recommended otherwise.

CONSTRUCTION 2711: Essential Major Renovations Workshop, or approved equal, is a prerequisite for the following programs:

  • None

Manual Table of Contents

  • The Importance of Design
  • Client Interview & Qualification
  • Introduction to Projects & Project 1
  • Legal Considerations & Project 2
  • Structural Assessment
  • Concept Design Project 3
  • Structural Solutions
  • Solutions Project 4
  • Construction Considerations
  • Structural Modifications & Project 5
  • MEP Assessment
  • MEP Design
  • MEP Project 6
  • Waterstops, Waterproofing, Finishes & Project 7
  • Project Profiles
  • Review & Critique Project 8
CONSTRUCTION 2111 Essential Pool Construction

Authorized Faculty

Ben Lasseter, IWI

Ben Lasseter, IWI

As Partner and Director of Construction, Benjamin is responsible for bringing Design Ecology’s designs to life. He oversees all construction projects from planning to completion while managing a skilled team of craftsmen to provide unparalleled attention to detail. After earning his B.S. in Horticulture at Texas A&M Benjamin gained valuable experience working as Assistant Superintendent on one of the nation’s top resort golf courses. He moved on to manage the construction division of a landscape architecture firm for 4 years where he built luxury estate landscapes and pools. Benjamin opened his own landscape design and construction company in early 2009 & joined with Scott Cummings, RLA, ASLA and CB in 2010 to form Design Ecology.

William T. Drakeley, ACI, IWI

William T. Drakeley, ACI, IWI

President — Drakeley Pool Company

William Drakeley is an award-winning shotcrete technologist specializing in concrete science and construction, particularly shotcrete applications, techniques and standards, with thirty years (+) experience in shotcrete installation, waterfeature and geotech design and construction. Services include consultation and review, training and testing and expert testimony. He’s principal and founder of Drakeley Pool Company, a luxury design and build firm based in New England; and, Drakeley Industries, an international consulting firm focusing on shotcrete applications and techniques, notably providing training for the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority underground tunneling projects.

An educator and advocate for high industry standards, Bill has most recently developed and launched Watershape University (WU) with colleague David Peterson, P.E. to provide the highest quality of live instruction of business, design, engineering and construction programs to students of all levels of pool, spa, aquatics and outdoor living sectors. Bill has conducted trainings for the Colorado School of Mines, the American Society of Landscape Architects (CT), World of Concrete, GENESIS 3, Aqua Show, NESPA, and others. His technical writings have been widely published in trade magazines and e-publications.